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Olive oil with black truffle
Olive oil with black truffle
For the truffle oil with white truffle, Tartuflanghe flavours extra virgin olive oil with real white truffles (Tuber magnatum Pico). It goes well with carpaccio, beef tartare, roasted meats, scrambled eggs, cheese, fish and salad or...
Content 0.1 litre (CHF450.00 * / 1 litre)
CHF45.00 * /0.1 litre
Honey with white truffle
Honey with white truffle
The sweet taste of honey perfectly complements the salty taste of cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino or blue cheeses.
Content 40 gram (CHF500.00 * / 1000 gram)
CHF20.00 * /40 gram
Butter with truffle 30g
Butter with truffle 30g
Enrich your warm dishes with our truffle butter with delicate truffle flavor. The water-free butter contains 8% truffle and can be stored unrefridgerated before use. Burro Tartufo is perfectly suited for seasoning noodles, risotto, fish...
Content 30 gram (CHF766.67 * / 1000 gram)
CHF23.00 * /30 gram